For the challenge this week I had to go back to non-digital images. These are scanned from original photos shot with a Pentax K1000 with Tokina 70/200 lens at 200 ISO. I selected two images from Lake Louis in Alberta Canada. The blue in the water is due to “rock flour” reflecting the blue sky with a turquoise blue that is incredible to see in person.




14 thoughts on “Blue

  1. I love Banff. Last time Rebel Girl and I were there was Sept. 12 2001. We were in Saskatchewan Sept 11th, It took nine hours to reach Canmore. We were still stunned after World Trade Center attack. We met a lot of American and European tourist there. Outside of the breathtaking scenery, it is something we will never forget .We like so many others were stunned. The world as we knew it was changing fast. We do have pictures from that visit they were disposable 35 mm. Honestly we haven’t looked at them for years.


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